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Campbell Law School strives to produce competent and compassionate professionals who place the needs of others before their own and who understand that reconciling differences is as important as winning cases. We encourage students to open their hearts and minds as they follow their calling to create a more just and merciful society through the practice of law.

The new Campbell Law School in downtown Raleigh is buzzing with energy and innovation. Students study law just blocks away from where cases are being heard and legislation is enacted. They meet practicing lawyers in our library. Here, students gain unprecedented access to the legal professionals, politicians, and businesspeople who will shape their futures.

You can feel the supportive atmosphere that sets Campbell Law School apart. Our deliberately small size creates a strong, close-knit community where knowledge is shared openly and personal achievements are celebrated. We are a haven for our students and faculty—a true academic home—and a launching pad for success and meaningful service to others.

Campbell Law School offers an exceptionally demanding legal education that combines a theoretical understanding of the law with comprehensive practical skills training. Students experience the responsibility, rigors, and rewards of serving others through law.

While a theoretical understanding of law is crucial, we believe that being prepared for the real world is equally important. At Campbell Law School, we combine challenging coursework with comprehensive skills training, hands-on learning opportunities, externships, and internships to ensure that our graduates are ready to practice law the moment they exit our doors.

Backed by strong credentials and an even stronger dedication to their calling, the faculty at Campbell Law School has an enduring open door policy for their students. Our professors and staff members are readily available to answer questions, discuss their own practical experience, provide mentoring, and help students form valuable and supportive professional networks.

No other law school in North Carolina has had greater success in preparing its students for the bar examination. Campbell Law School graduates scored a remarkable 92% passage rate on the July 2011 bar exam. This continues the tradition of our graduates achieving the highest average passage rate on the North Carolina Bar Exam for the past 24 years. In other states, our graduates have achieved 100% passage rates.

Campbell Law School attracts students of all ethnic, social, educational, and professional backgrounds. Underrepresented groups account for 12% of our enrollment, and nearly 20% of our students come from out-of-state. Our Christian perspective on law inspires students from every religious and secular moral tradition to become advocates for legal and social justice.

Our students have countless opportunities to practice their calling in service to others. Members of the Campbell Law Innocence Project offer legal and investigative services to prisoners seeking to prove their innocence. The Juvenile Justice Project allows students to provide mediation for youth offenders, while the Campbell Senior Law Clinic gives legal aid to lower-income senior citizens.